Custom Hardcover Dust Jacket Design

It's easy to get overwhelmed with details when self-publishing. Let us take away some of the worry by designing a book cover with impact! We use only high resolution, royalty-free images that will set your book apart. Let us know what platform you are using to publish and we'll do the rest.

What you get:

  • A print ready pdf image of the full book jacket (front, back and 2 flaps)
  • Several jpg images of the front cover in various sizes for use in the ebook and online
  • A 3D image of your hardcover book
  • A social media billboard with your cover and a tagline (looks great as a Facebook post!) 

Don't know who to print your book with? CONTACT US and we can help.

Didn't get your Book Design Questionnaire at checkout? Download it here.


How do I get you the information about my book?

After checkout, you will be able to download a product form. Fill this out with the relevant information and send it back to us. Within one (1) business day, a member of our expert design team will contact you by email to confirm receipt and ask for additional information if needed. All the questions need to be answered before we can begin your cover mockup. If you have difficulty with any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

How long does it take to create a custom cover? 

A custom cover usually takes about 14 business days to complete from the time we receive your information. Certain times of the year are busier than others and completion times may take longer then. We will always advise you about the estimated time to complete your cover when you order.

How do you proceed to design my cover?

Within 5 business days of receiving your information (usually sooner), we will create three (3) sample mockups for you to choose from. These mockups will be low resolution and done with comp photos only. The purpose of the mockup is to choose one general design. Once the design is chosen, you will get two (2) rounds of edits to pinpoint the exact fonts and layout (additional revisions will be billed on an hourly basis of $35.00 per hour).

What file formats do you send the file design in?

When the job is complete, we send you three master files for print and eBook use. You will receive:1 pdf print-ready file, 1 large web jpg of the front cover to be used for eBook, 1 thumbnail jpg of the front cover to be used for avatars and one 3D png file of the paperback. These files will be sent via You don’t need a Dropbox account to receive them.

What if I need another format, like a paperback book jacket or an ebook cover?

Your custom hardcover dust jacket design includes an image of the front cover only that can be used in your ebook. If you require a paperback cover in addition, you will be billed at $35 per hour for the additional cover. Working from the hardcover design, this usually takes no more than 1 hour.

What trim size should I choose for my book.

​The industry standard for trade paperbacks is 6x9 inches. But other standard book sizes are available from many retailers. If you're not sure what size your book should be, we can help you decide. 

Where will you get the art and photos for my cover?

We use only royalty-free media to create our covers. Royalty-free means that the images used in cover creation are available for sale on stock media sites, and may be purchased by other buyers to use in other media. However, our cover designs are completely original. We always make sure to use a blend of images to create a unique design. You’ll never see the same cover with a different title.

Royalty-free images come with some limitations for for book covers. Please read the following restrictions.

1. When you purchase a custom-made cover, you are granted a nontransferable license to use, digitally reproduce, publish, display and distribute the content up to 250,000 copies in aggregate. For quantities above this amount, you must purchase an Extended License. Please contact us for details.

2. You may NOT:

  • resell the cover alone or as a template to a third party.
  • authorize any third party to use the Content for any purpose or resell, sublicense, or otherwise make available the Content for use or distribution separately or detached from a product or Web page;
  • use Content in any logo or part of any trademark;

3. You understand that Content used to create this cover is copyrighted and may be owned by a third party, and any unauthorized use by you may be an infringement of such copyright.

Custom Hardcover Dust Jacket Design

$275.00 (USD)