eBook Conversion

The last stage of your publishing trek, ebook formatting is just as critical as a good proofread. Make sure your book reads properly across all the popular formats. We'll convert your manuscript to the two most popular formats: ePub (for Apple iBooks, Kobo and Sony) and mobi (for Amazon's Kindle). All our conversion files pass the validation checks required by major retailers.

Your manuscript will be converted from a Word document (rtf or txt files are fine, but no pdf's, please) to an ebook. At checkout, you will be able to download a questionnaire that will give us all the information we need to complete your ebook.

If your book contains any of the following, extra charges may be incurred: 

  • Images (other than the cover, author bio, and covers of other published works)
  • Charts or graphs
  • Endnotes or footnotes
  • Indexing
  • Links to url's (a few links are to be expected, but if your book has links on every page, expect extra charges. Linked url's need to be verified in the validation process and that takes time.)
  • Over 500 pages 

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Didn't get your eBook Conversion Questionnaire at checkout? Download it here.


Your conversion will include the following:

  • Cover image. Please send us a high resolution (minimum 2000 pixel, 150 dpi) jpg image. Don't have a cover yet? Check out our Custom eBook Cover Designs.
  • Table of contents
  • Copyright page
  • Dedication page
  • Full manuscript conversion. You are not limited by word count, but manuscripts with illustrations, tables, or images will need to be quoted separately.
  • About the Author page
  • Links to other published works page
  • Embedded metadata where applicable


How long does it take to create an ebook conversion? 

An ebook conversion usually takes about 14 business days to complete from the time we receive your information. Certain times of the year are busier than others and completion times may take longer then. We will always advise you about the estimated time to complete your cover when you order.

In what file format should I send my manuscript?

Send us your manuscript any of the following file formats: .doc, .docx, .rtf, .txt. Please don't send .pdf files. These don't convert well to plain text.

How do you test eBooks for validation?

We run all our ebooks through the industry standard validation tests. Furthermore, we check your book on various platforms such as iBooks, Kindle and iPads.

Do I need an ISBN for my ebook?

You don't need an ISBN for your Amazon Kindle, but you will need one in order to sell it on Apple iBooks, Barnes and Noble and other retailers. ISBN's may be purchased at Bowker's (in the USA).