Add conflict through details and beats

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Your Mission

Make sure you read All About Conflict first, then brainstorm two characters who will be in opposition. For example, in a romance you would create the leads who will eventually end up together. In a suspense novel, you might create the hero and the villain.

Give them each a goal (these should be in opposition). Give them internal motivations. How do their goals and motivations change throughout the story? Give them flaws. How can their flaws cause conflict?

Use an image as a prompt to write a one-paragraph scene from one of your character’s perspectives. Then write the same scene from the second character’s perspective. 

Be sure that the undertones reflect of each character’s inner motivations. Add emotion to the description that creates tension or highlights the conflict. Be sure to add at least one beat or unique description that adds tension to the scene.

Below are some sample images to use as prompts, or feel free to find your own. 


**Contest will run until June 30th, 2020. Simply leave your scene created from one of the prompt images in the comments. Three winners will be chosen from random on July 1st, 2020. Only one submission per author. Good luck!

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