Don't Make Me Blush! Is Your Cover too Hot?

You might have noticed that Facebook groups are all abuzz about the new changes to the mysterious algorithm that Facebook uses to decide what content gets pushed out to your fans from your author page. 

I say mysterious because FB doesn’t really want you to know all the details. That would take all the fun out of struggling to reach your audience. It would also make it much easier for those in the know to game the system. But some of the new rules have begun to become apparent. And while most of these refer to paid ads, breaking the rules may also hinder your organic reach. 

The two juiciest bits of news are that 1) the “Like” button is now meaningless to the FB algorithm. They want clicks, comments and shares to prove that your posts are relevant. And 2) bare skin of any kind (male, female, frontal nudity or just a bare back) is unacceptable. Yes, this means the days of bodice-ripping romance covers may be over. And while some of you may say, “and good riddance!” it’s not just skin that is frowned upon. Anything sexually explicit (even kissing) will get you dinged. So will violence, profanity and weapons. This kind of censorship can only hurt creativity in the long run. But that’s a post for another time.

What does in mean for now, in practical use? It means that you may need to rethink your book covers, especially if you plan to advertise on Facebook or Amazon. Facebook’s bots even have the ability to scan your landing page, so using a benign image in the ad and linking to your cover may not be the answer. 

July and August are traditionally quiet for book sales, so take this downtime to rethink your covers. Maybe it’s time for a new coat of paint on those covers. If so, check out our Custom Cover service. We’d be glad to create a stunning new cover for you that won’t make Facebook’s algorithm blush.

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