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The finished product of my book "Canadian Samurai is so much better than the rough copy I sent to Kim. I thought I knew how to write but everyone told me I needed an edit. "Everyone" was right! Kim spent many hours working with me on improving my story telling and expressing my thoughts in a clearer, more effective manner. I learned so much and feel empowered to take on the next challenge - but not without her continued help. Unlike many other editing firms, I really felt like Kim cared about the craft more than the fees and that meant a great deal to me. I feel fortunate to have found Kim and have already recommended her to other writers.

This is the sixth time I've hired Kim to create a book trailer for my children's books and pure excitement ripples through me each time. This time it's Angel's Forever Home and the expertise and quality is evident within each second of the video. With each video, Kim has created a unique book trailer that compliments my book marketing outreach. I highly recommend Kim without hesitation. Thank you Kim!

What fun it was to work with Kim and slowly see the magic she bestows upon a book trailer! My book has a very sensitive subject line and not of a time or subject that a lot of people are too familiar with or even knew existed. Kim worked it well - sensitively and with deep emotion. It takes a certain person with a lot of talent to weave all of this together. Thanks, Kim. I'm recommending you to all of my author friends!

Kim was amazing. Being a first time author, I was so unprepared and in the dark about the whole process, but Kim was my hero. She not only worked wonders with my book but her patience was ever endearing and beyond what anyone can expect. Her talent and her kind-heart are to be applauded. Thank you Kim for hand-holding and guiding me through the process.

Kim created a compelling storyboard for the video of my international thriller novel 'Restless Earth'. She was extremely patient with me, accommodating my fussy comments and feedback, and in the end produced an atmospheric video which I am linking everywhere. Thanks, Kim!

Kim has done a beautiful preview of my book, My Journey to Ephphatha. My friend have made comments such as inspirational, awesome, wonderful, fantastic, super, beautiful and very meaningful. Kim amazed me with her talent and skill to condense my book yet getting the complete message across in just a few minutes. I am so thankful and feel blessed to have Kim make my video for me. She is very talented.

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